Great course for Blender beginners ?>

Great course for Blender beginners

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Once I built my first 3D „mansion“ (previous post) and learned the essential things about Blender I felt like it was time to get into more advanced stuff. Since I knew what vertex, edge or face/polygon meant I was confident (yeah, right) and was ready for more. So I tried this great course for Bender Product Shots in Blender“ with George Maestri (from

That man has not even one pleasant voice to listen to, but he has a lot to say too. I can guarantee you that 🙂 other than that the course, as the name suggests, is about product shots. It teaches you how to model an object using reference image, how to set up scene lights, cameras and shot scene itself. And it introduce you to basic texturing and technique of unwrapping Uvs. So I really got some decent info. I don’t really remember how much time it took me to finish this course, but I believe it was about one week (maybe?…probably). 

3d rendered package
Package shot rendered in Blender

So the packaging shot was Ok, I liked the UV unwrapping part. Where I got really amazed was by modeling a bottle which was made out of glass, with liquid inside and was all transparent and shiny (I know!). Boy, was I proud of that bottle! I was impressed how fairly easy achieving some parts were and was very satisfied with the whole Blender experience overall.

So by the time I finished this course I got 3 renders in my pocket (much wow!) and was feeling good about myself. All I did was dipped my fingertip into the ocean, but I liked the feeling already and sure as hell wanted to jump all into it asap (excuse my metaphors). I was quite positive by that time that I really like the whole 3D idea and was completely sure I will continue my journey.


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