When clueless meets 3D (how I built my 3D mansion) ?>

When clueless meets 3D (how I built my 3D mansion)

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First time when you open a 3D program the view is truly frightening- toolbars over toolbars, menus and way too many buttons. I remember quite well my first thoughts were „what the hell am I getting myself into“ and „this sh*t is impossible“ but then followed the most exciting one „I’m about to do some rocket science!“ :D. Luckily for me I had some Photoshop experience in the past so I was quite familiar with the interface of such programs. So despite the fact that the view was a bit overwhelming I was ready to get into it. So my first 3D experience was with software program named Blender.

 Beginning My 3D Journey

When you first start doing something new you need to look up for some info first, where to start and how even to begin to do something inside a program (Captain Obvious strikes). Personally I like when I have some guidance and blind button clicking is not for me. So I found this Youtuber named Jacob Lewis who made this very nice Absolute beginner tutorial series“ for Blender. So if you want really simple down to earth tutorial and very basic info on how even to begin to work with Blender I highly recommend to check these videos.

Especially if you are as much clueless about 3D as I was at the time. I know there are many other people who did similar tutorials regarding this topic, but these were the ones I watched, enjoyed and got loads of useful info. So anyways I learned about the interface, all of the basic tools and even built my first 3D object (yea!), which was a house (what else could it be ^^) of four walls, roof and few windows and a door. Splendid! Once I finished my first render I was excited as much as a little kid who got candy. Or maybe more like a kid who drew his/hers first house on paper. The feeling of joy was enormous. Because prior that I was this hollow creature who was lost and dead inside. And here I was discovering a new vast world where (I had a feeling) I would fit just right in. And it was so nice to be excited about something again. 3D literary brought back those marvelous feelings of exploration and discovery. And most important it brought back the constant feeling of progress. Which is why I got hooked with 3D in first place. Progress is just addictive. Plain and simple Once you’re in into something you just keep craving for more knowledge, you want to improve your skills and get better and better and if you are enjoying it you just can’t help the feelings.

So yeah, to find something that interests you and makes you happy and to be able to do it daily is a wonder and that is what makes people happy. As cliche as it sounds it’s proven to be truth. So search, try and conquer!

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