When ignorance makes you blind ?>

When ignorance makes you blind

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Just when I started practicing 3D arts I realized that I could’ve begin this whole thing way much earlier. Of course I had daily job then and most of the time I was too tired even to think about anything other that how to get more rest and sleep. (the existence at its finest) I just didn’t have enough brain power (or any power at all) to think about anything else. So all of my husbands preaches about how I must try 3D just used to make me mad. I didn’t feel I was capable of such things and when the conversation turned to that topic I just would immediately shut down to it. The old f*cking stubbornness would hit me and there was no way I would listen. If only I could go back to that time I would slap myself so hard to the face so I would wake up! (I needed myself some Archy Slap).

Modeling My first Figurine

I was just so stubborn and ignorant that it made me blind. It seems that my husband new me better than I knew myself (no surprise there…). The reason why he thought I could be capable of doing 3D was my quite recent hobby of building some polymer clay figurines. Few years back I found about such thing as polymer clay and I though I should try to built something purely just or fun. So there I was sitting with all the proper tools, bunch of different colored polymer clay bars and I asked my husband what should I mold first. He said “I have an idea, but it could be to difficult for you just yet“. It sounded like challenge and I like myself some challenge from time to time 😀 So he finally said he would want for me to mold a figurine of Donald Duck. And I said „OK, it’ll be done in no time“ (I truly had no idea what I was doing, but the challenge mode was On). So I looked up some reference images and started to mold. (keep in mind that I have no previous experience of doing molding of any kind). It took me about 3-4 h to finish my first polymer clay model, but the results were pretty nice. Even I got impressed with myself. So anyways I liked this hobby and until I was able to enjoy it I did. Once we had to move to other place my polymer clay fun was over, because there was no oven in the new flat and without oven I couldn’t do my figurines (the polymer clay must be baked in the oven in order for material to harden).

My Polymer Clay Models

Donald duck, Little Prince and Mariopolymer clay figurines
Donald Duck (my first creation) with Little Prince and Mario!
Plants, Pigs and Crazy rabbit polymer clay figurines
Characters from Plants vs Zombies, Angry Birds and Raving Rabbids (my personal favorite)
kodamas, joystick and dog polymer clay figurines
Lovely Kodama, Xbox 360 joystick ( lower one) and my dog Mikis (rip)

Don’t Let Ignorance to control you

So that is basically why my man was convinced that I probably could do some 3D stuff 🙂 Other than that I knew that I had always some creativity or „art“ in me, I always liked to draw, nothing major, just simple stuff. I liked to build stuff. All the signs were obvious I just was too perfect at ignoring and denying them. I bow low to my hubby for helping me to wake up from this lethargy sleep and find my joy of life- the world of 3D. So my advice is not to let ignorance to control you and don’t be so foolishly stubborn about things. Just try to be as open minded as possible, cause shutting down on things never helped anyone. Let other people help you, because sometimes we are really blind to see one or other thing by ourselves as they truly are. Stay open, stay positive and enjoy life.


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