Zombies need rest too (learn to slack of) ?>

Zombies need rest too (learn to slack of)

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Many times I found myself being dog- tired. Usually when I involve in a project (personal or not) I can’t control myself and I work, work and work nonstop. No rest just work I mean in the evenings I just feel like a zombie, who instead of the brainz craves for sleepz. And no one likes zombies, really. I don’t like zombies… So I realized that I really have a problem in that department. I just don’t know when to stop and rest. And rest is crucial if you want to have any productivity at all regarding any activity.

When it finally hit me

So I was working on this project and one evening I just felt that my head is kinda floating and I felt dizzy and even a bit sick (felt much like car sickness) in head and stomach. And my sight was “nicely” blurred… But I guess it tends to happen when you work for 16h a day with no days off for two weeks straight. So yeah It was kind of scary and I realized that I need to stop and just do nothing for awhile, or else I can have pretty grim consequences. My mainly problem is that I just can’t stop doing any task until It’s finished or solved. So in 3D it is kinda hard regarding this, cause sometimes you are stuck with one thing for days.

Oh and the classic moment when you say (lie) „I just do this little thing really quick and I’m done for the day“ and you end up spending few hours until your’re finished and are a zombie again. And of course eagerness plays it’s part here too. The desire to do more to achieve more messes up my head (somehow the scene from “Family guy” describes the feeling best).

Learn to rest

So since I realized that i’m a slight workaholic I am trying to control myself more. Whenever I feel edgy I just watch a part of the movie or just browse in “Youtube” in search for old forgotten songs or play with my dog for exchange. Or just go to the city and have a day out, so my brains could just disconnect and recharge for the next day. Most important is to engage into activity that has nothing to do with your actual job (if you have a possibility of course). And you don’t need to feel guilty for resting or maybe taking few days off just to reassemble your mental or physical strength. Cause once you come back you will see everything in new pair of eyes. You will find problem solutions faster your productivity will rise and you’ll just fell happier.

So don’t be a zombie. Love yourself and take care of yourself, eat well, sleep enough and give yourself a slack from time to time.



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