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Hello world! This is probably the worst greeting ever, but I just feel like it ūüôā Welcome to my humble blog where I’ll share something about myself, my interests, my hobbies and most important my growing interest in 3D arts. I want to share my progress and any valuable information that I’ll come across my 3D journey. But first… let me introduce myself ‚Äď I am called Ieva (I know…too many vowels, impossibru to pronounce). I am currently living with my dear husband and the most lovely dog in Vilnius city (Lithuania). Since as long as I can remember I never new what I wanted to be when I ‚Äěgrow up‚Äú. Childhood and teen years passed and I still was clueless. Which led me to two unfinished studies (German philology and social pedagogy) and bunch of customer service jobs. And it is a shame to say that it took me almost 28 years to figure out what I want from life, what I was good at and what makes me happy. So not so long ago I found out that I am capable of something in life (woohoo!) and it was 3D arts!

Now almost three years into 3D I believe I found the right term to call myself and it is a 3D Environment Artist. I spent much time trying new thing in 3D and I found to be most happy creating game assets for Unity and Unreal Engines. And in general creating environments!

So I welcome You, dear reader, once more to my 3D adventures! Let’s see together how¬†deep can I fall into miraculous world of 3D!

Some facts about me:

  • Please excuse my English! It’s not my native language.¬†I believe I may and¬†definitely will make some grammar mistakes and other nonsense along my blog. So I apologize¬†in advance.
  • I am a dog person. A home without a dog is no home.
  • I play video games. I can’t say I’m a hardcore gamer, but I enjoy a good game once in a while (RPG’s mostly, some action-adventures and shooters, can’t play FPS’s though, cause most of the time they make me dizzy). 7 Days to Die is my new favorite game atm.
  • I have arachnophobia. But just because I fear spiders so much I never kill them. I respect the creatures. It just doesn’t seem right to kill someone just because you’re afraid of them. So with shaking hands and racing heart I just try to relocate as far as possible any spider I find.
  • My Rig specs: AMD Ryzen 5 1600, 16GB DDR4 RAM , GTX1050Ti.
  • Of all 3D related works I love modeling and texturing the most.
  • Lately I’m very into Nu Disco/ New Retro Wave¬†(my Youtube playlist)

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