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Sketchfab Gallery

Welcome to Me & My 3D  Sketchfab Gallery!

Here you will find and be able to preview my various 3D models via powerful Sketchfab! The best way to preview someones 3D models 🙂

Warning: depending on your internet speed it may take a while to load all models.

War Debris Pack

Old Post Boxes

Electric Fuse Box

Furnished Summer House

Greenhouse – Gardening Tools

Framed Oil Paintings Vol.2

Framed Oil Paintings Vol.1

Workbench With Tools

Tomato Plant With Fruit

Cucumber Plants With Fruit

Modular Rusty Fence

Geranium Flower

Spinning Wheel

Lumberyard Decorations

Cemetery Package

Medieval Decor Pack

Medieval Table Setup

Sofa With Pillows

Steel Tub


Antique Tea Pot

Glass Jar

Old School Meat Grinder

Small Cooking Pot

Old School Watering Can

Tiny Stool

Door Bell

Sacred Picture With Rosary

Antique Manuscript

Old School Monks Bed

Old School Bookshelf

Antique Monks Pew

Medieval Boat

Medieval Scrolls

Medieval Candle Holder

Medieval Wine Jar

Medieval End Table

Medieval Halberd

Old School Bowl, Jar and Stool

Antique Cooking Pot

Vintage Kerosene Lamp

Vintage Scales

Vintage Abakus

Old School Kerosene Funnel

Antique Scales

Antique Teapot

Medieval Candle Holder

Medieval Candle Holder

Medieval Throne

Prison Dining Room Equipment

Home Office Desk

Old School Playground Gear

Propane Tanks

Router/ Modem

Toilet/ Lavatory

Set of Outdoors TV Antennas

Bathroom Sink

Radiator Set

Kitchen Chair