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Free 3D models for download ?>

Free 3D models for download

Follow Me!by It has been a while since I wrote something here (shame on me). I was so focused on my Soviet Block House project that I have been working on for so long that I ignored everything else. I just wanted desperately to finish it and move on to the other things. Maybe not the most  wise thing to do, but I just wanted to finish it so bad that it became my main priority. And yesterday I finally finished…

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Vote for Mr. Onion print on Threadless ?>

Vote for Mr. Onion print on Threadless

Follow Me!by Hello, beautiful people, who read this tiny blog of mine. The summer is finally here (Woohoo!) I congratulate you with it first! The weather is amazing, sun shines and all you want to do is basically Nothing or Everything (depends on your personality) I am the second type, when the weather is that nice and I see the sun in the sky I want to do everything 😀 All the great Ideas comes when the sun shines (or…

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Great course for Blender beginners ?>

Great course for Blender beginners

Follow Me!by Once I built my first 3D „mansion“ (previous post) and learned the essential things about Blender I felt like it was time to get into more advanced stuff. Since I knew what vertex, edge or face/polygon meant I was confident (yeah, right) and was ready for more. So I tried this great course for Bender „Product Shots in Blender“ with George Maestri (from That man has not even one pleasant voice to listen to, but he has a lot…

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When clueless meets 3D (how I built my 3D mansion) ?>

When clueless meets 3D (how I built my 3D mansion)

Follow Me!by   First time when you open a 3D program the view is truly frightening- toolbars over toolbars, menus and way too many buttons. I remember quite well my first thoughts were „what the hell am I getting myself into“ and „this sh*t is impossible“ but then followed the most exciting one „I’m about to do some rocket science!“ :D. Luckily for me I had some Photoshop experience in the past so I was quite familiar with the interface…

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