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Rats nest warning | 3dsMAx ?>

Rats nest warning | 3dsMAx

Follow Me!by Today I will write about this little tiny thing that I encountered this very afternoon. I was working in 3ds Max on a lovely toilet model (3D pooper ftw!) and as I attempted to export an .OBJ file I got this crazy warning message saying that there is a “rats nest in mesh “Water”. Yap. That’s the official name for the warning – the rats nest 😀 which I find to be pretty amazing and clever 🙂 It doesn’t say anything more…

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Explore, experiment, enjoy! (discovering 3ds Max) ?>

Explore, experiment, enjoy! (discovering 3ds Max)

Follow Me!by As I got comfortable with 3D I started to look at other alternative 3D software programs. I new some people that already worked in this industry (true professionals) and they all were hyped about such programs as Cinema 4D, Maya and 3ds Max. Long story short I choose to try 3ds Max and to see what was all the fuss about. Once again despite the fact that I was already familiar with 3D I was nonetheless overwhelmed to…

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Great course for Blender beginners ?>

Great course for Blender beginners

Follow Me!by Once I built my first 3D „mansion“ (previous post) and learned the essential things about Blender I felt like it was time to get into more advanced stuff. Since I knew what vertex, edge or face/polygon meant I was confident (yeah, right) and was ready for more. So I tried this great course for Bender „Product Shots in Blender“ with George Maestri (from That man has not even one pleasant voice to listen to, but he has a lot…

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When clueless meets 3D (how I built my 3D mansion) ?>

When clueless meets 3D (how I built my 3D mansion)

Follow Me!by   First time when you open a 3D program the view is truly frightening- toolbars over toolbars, menus and way too many buttons. I remember quite well my first thoughts were „what the hell am I getting myself into“ and „this sh*t is impossible“ but then followed the most exciting one „I’m about to do some rocket science!“ :D. Luckily for me I had some Photoshop experience in the past so I was quite familiar with the interface…

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