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Vote for Mr. Onion print on Threadless ?>

Vote for Mr. Onion print on Threadless

Follow Me!by Hello, beautiful people, who read this tiny blog of mine. The summer is finally here (Woohoo!) I congratulate you with it first! The weather is amazing, sun shines and all you want to do is basically Nothing or Everything (depends on your personality) I am the second type, when the weather is that nice and I see the sun in the sky I want to do everything 😀 All the great Ideas comes when the sun shines (or…

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Zombies need rest too (learn to slack of) ?>

Zombies need rest too (learn to slack of)

Follow Me!by Many times I found myself being dog- tired. Usually when I involve in a project (personal or not) I can’t control myself and I work, work and work nonstop. No rest just work I mean in the evenings I just feel like a zombie, who instead of the brainz craves for sleepz. And no one likes zombies, really. I don’t like zombies… So I realized that I really have a problem in that department. I just don’t know…

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When ignorance makes you blind ?>

When ignorance makes you blind

Follow Me!by Just when I started practicing 3D arts I realized that I could’ve begin this whole thing way much earlier. Of course I had daily job then and most of the time I was too tired even to think about anything other that how to get more rest and sleep. (the existence at its finest) I just didn’t have enough brain power (or any power at all) to think about anything else. So all of my husbands preaches about…

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